Help Fix I-95

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Congested I95The Commonwealth of Virginia is undergoing a corridor study along the entire I-95 route from Washington, DC to the North Carolina line to create a plan to deal with the ever worsening traffic congestion. We’ve spent billions attempting to pave our way out of traffic just to end up with even more traffic.

Amazon gives Virginia the opportunity to build a 21st century transportation network

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Commentary originally published in The Virginia Mercury.

With the recent announcement that Amazon is bringing 25,000-plus high-paying jobs to Crystal City in Northern Virginia, I believe now is the perfect opportunity to move the commonwealth’s transportation system into the 21st century.

Now is a great time to move away from the “more roads” transportation plan to an “all-of-the-above” plan.

VHSR Releases Spring Newsletter

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VHSR has released our Spring 2018 Newsletter which features articles about the Impact of millennials on our transportation network, updates on our Amtrak trains, federal transportation budget, and 2018 General Assembly. The newsletter also features updates on where several key passenger rail projects currently stand.

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